Extending the shelf life of food and beverages


A record has detailed potential publication packaging technologies so as to help prolong the shelf life of foods and drinks…


A Chicago-based study intelligence firm has released a thorough report on publication packaging technologies to the shelf-life expansion of beverages and foods.


Food preservation is an issue not only for industry-related customers, but for customers too, remarks Dr Paula Hock, that worked on the job for business PreScouter.

“The study in this area is particularly interesting, as it is a business that actually listens to the customer base. This can be evidenced by means of a push toward meals derivatives for publication packaging along with the urge to expand the life of purchased food items to decrease food waste,” added Dr Hock.


A number of them are graphene oxide, Nano silica powder, mango peel, nanotubes and nano selenium packaging.


One trend would be a move toward meals – and packaging and additives. From coating substances to book additives which put a fresh spin on older technology, six of those nine alternatives introduced are approved for food use,