Salted or pickled clams recalled after link to hepatitis A outbreak

Hepatitis A is a viral disease of the liver and is spread by water or food or by contact with the infected individual. It may cause symptoms of fever, lack of appetite, nausea, stomach pain, followed by light stools dark urine and jaundice, and customers are advised to see a doctor for testing and treatment guidance.

Anybody that has been previously vaccinated for hepatitis A is regarded as at risk of disease, however the NSW Food Authority is advising any customers who may have purchased these goods to not swallow themand rather destroy them and ask a refund, even if wanted.

Results might take a variety of weeks, although NSW Food Authority CEO said testing has been on numerous goods.

“Though a pollution hasn’t yet been validated, we’ve advised the businesses of a possible connection to eight cases of hepatitis A in NSW, plus they’ve undertaken a recall of this product,” Dr Szabo stated.

“we would like to make sure all customers who might have these goods are conscious of the potential connection between the merchandise and hepatitis A. Though the affected products are remembered from participating retailers, customers might still have merchandise they’ve purchased in their fridges.”

Australian clams are said not to be implicated in this epidemic, but NSW Health and the NSW Food Authority has vowed to continue to monitor the circumstance.