Soy sauce recalled due to discovery of undeclared fish

PICS Soy Sauce was recalled because the products can contain fish and allergen not declared on the label.

LA-based Baumer Foods, Inc is remembering 10oz PICS Soy Sauce, since it may contain undeclared fish. Individuals who have an allergy or acute sensitivity to fish run the chance of a severe or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products.


Baumer Foods has said to this US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) no additional PICS Soy Sauce goods are affected by this recall and there have been no related ailments affirmed as of 6 June 2019.


The recall was initiated after it was found that the item was tagged as soy sauce, but sauce was comprised by the jar. Worcestershire Sauce gets the allergen fish that is famous.


A subsequent evaluation has suggested that a temporary oversight caused the issue throughout the packing procedures